an organization who helps orphans


House Renovated in Skopje


House renovated in Podgorica


Family helped every month


Orphans helped every month
About us

Ehlulbejt, an organization who helps orphans

The international organization Ehlulbejt helps Orphans through out the Balkan Peninsula, in Ex-Yugoslavian countries.
We are an official Swiss based non-profit organization, active since 2019. 
We especially try to help orphan in very difficult situation. Based on this, the Roma population seems to be the most oppressed. They are living in countries where they are facing racism and segregation. That's why Ehlulbejt is doing its best to improve their life and give them a brighter future.

What have we achieved

House renovated in Skopje

House renovated in Radovish

7 family, 27 orphans helped every month

House renovated & bought in Podgorica

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