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Ehlulbejt, an organization who helps orphans

The international organization Ehlulbejt helps Orphans through out the Balkan Peninsula, in Ex-Yugoslavian countries.
We are an official Swiss based non-profit organization, active since 2019. 
We especially try to help orphan in very difficult situation. Based on this, the Roma population seems to be the most oppressed. They are living in countries where they are facing racism and segregation. That's why Ehlulbejt is doing its best to improve their life and give them a brighter future.

Our vision 

On deploying our efforts, we decided to work on a three steps program.

First, we want each orphan to sleep in good condition with a roof on top of their head. That's why, we firstly renovate their house, if needed.

Then our second step is to fix their documentation and make their right respected. In different Balkan countries, orphans have rights like school, freedom, and sometimes financial help. Ehlulbejt is making their right respected. We also give each orphan an amount of 40 EUR per month (max 200 EUR). Our volonteers,  buy the food necessities and bring all the goods to the family. 

Our final and most important step is when an orphan is 15 years old, we provide him/her the chance to improve their education by going to high school and get a degree. We pay all the costs linked to this.
If they feel more comfortable learning a job, we ask them to choose which profession they want to learn. We find a company in the area who hire them. In order to promote the learning, Ehlulbejt is paying the salary to the orphan. 
This vision is applied on each and every footstep we take. We want these orphan to have all the chance to succeed in life. 

Status and legal obligations 

Ehlulbejt is a Swiss based, non-profit organization. The managing board have no chance to get any salary from the organization.
Ehlulbejt has ability to collect and use orphans personal information and documents in order to make their right respected. That include using these documents to apply for any governmental help that orphans may have right upon. 
Also when we know that an orphan is facing racism of any legal crime, Ehlulbejt has ability to report the case to the different local and national offices. 

What have we achieved

  • House renovated in Skopje
  • House renovated in Radovish
  • House renovated in Podgorica
  • House bought in Podgorica 
  • 7 family, 27 orphans helped every month









Meet The Team

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A Story To Our Journey

Since February 2020

Ehlulbejt helps 2 orphans living in Novi Beograd.

Both their parents died and they now live with their maternal uncle. Ibrahim is 15 and he is learning the profession of cooker. Ehlulbejt is paying each month his transport to go to school. Ibrahim told his uncle he prefers to be a Baker.  He wants to reorient himself. With Ehlulbejt, this was possible.  Today Ibrahim continues his studies and attends a bakery school, for which Ehlulbejt pays all the costs.